11 thoughts on “The wonders of the Lord’s Creation, feathered friends

  1. I absolutely loved this! I loved the one with the bunny. It was so funny my two little inside dogs were running all over the place trying to find out where the sounds were coming from.

    A lot people think animals cannot reason, that everything is pure instinct. I have to disagree with that. I had a little shi-tzu for about ten years. Truly she did not even know she was a dog, unless of course she came upon some “dog poop!” πŸ™‚

    The things I would see her do, and these other dogs I have as well, I know there is “reason” behind it. As I said, loved this and God Bless, SR

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  2. So sorry to hear about your tremor. Will pray for you.
    My Mom had Alzheimer’s and it was a very long and hard struggle for about six years. My art kind of took a nose dive during those years.
    Of course after she died 2015 it took about a year to get my life back together and one of the first things I did was pick up my artwork again.
    I drew a dog and no matter how many times I drew him, he looked like a pig! πŸ™‚ I never could get that nose right. So it kind of shut me down.
    In place of it, I decided to try painting until I thought I was ready to draw again. Winter is coming which is the time I do most of my reading and art. So going to try it again.
    I still want to learn how to paint though. I am glad we have this in common also.
    James Tissot is mine. I love that man’s work. Outside of his “religious art” I love the drawings he does which look as if they took place in the early 1900’s. As this is one of my most favorite times in history.
    I love this time in history because of all the changes which took place. Just in kitchen appliances alone. I never think about not having a toaster! πŸ™‚ Again thanks so much Maria. This really did help me. God Bless, SR

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    • SR, when we lose our parents we become an orphan no matter what age we are! My Mother died when I was 53. My husband lost his Dad about a year and a half ago – Dad was 94! I’m sorry for your loss! And Alzheimer’s is so very hard!

      I googled James Tissot and found his paintings of Paris life. They’re amazing. Some would make beautiful book covers

      It pleases me to know you enjoyed Mike painting! And of course little Pearl!


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